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From Dover, Delaware — 01/18/2009

I've been with the company three years now and here is how I see it:

Pay: I started out at entry level,around 28,000 a year, which is great considering that you only need a high school education, a good driving record, and no felonies to work at RAC.

Respect: You get what you give. Sure you will have to deal with some dubious characters sometimes, but most of the customers are awesome people when you get to know them. They are hard working people that may or may not struggle financially. No matter what job you go to you will always have those few knuckle heads that you will have to deal with on a day to day basis.

Benefits: The Benefits are good compared to other employers. They really take care of you in that area. The 401k is something good to get into...its like giving yourself a raise because of the company match.

Job Security: If you come to work on time, work hard, and truly want to succeed, among other things like having integrity you will never have to worry about not having a job.

Work/Life Balance: There is none. You will work 48 hrs a week starting out and as you move up in the company the hours will increase. This is due in large part to the fact that a typical store will have 4 to 6 employees. So as soon as you start you are a huge part of the team. This job is not for the weak at heart, nor for the people who love to party every night. If you have a family it will suck. You work every Saturday, But you will ALWAYS have Sundays off as well as one other weekday.( Usually a Tues., Wed. or Thur.) until you get to the store manager level, then you are married to the store.

Career Potential/Growth: Its unlimited. The CEO of our company started at the bottom. If anyone tells you otherwise they just weren't that good. I was with the company a year and a half before I got my first store. (and yes I started at the bottom) Just like anything else, you get what you put into it. If you are complaining about the hours, complaining about the customers, complaining, complaining, won't go anywhere but out the door!

Location: We have 3,000 stores.....there's always one nearby

Co-worker Competence: This is largely based off of the leadership in the store and District Manager level. It will vary from store to store and market to market. As a manager you will get out of your employees what you put into them. I've seen both ends of the spectrum.

Work Environment: As I said earlier, this job is not for the weak at heart. If you have been pampered all of your life and fed with a silver spoon this probably isn't the job for you. You will work hard. You will work long hours. You will have to deal with some customers that will challenge your patience in every manner of the word, BUT it is a very rewarding job. I've run more than one store, mainly going in as a "firefighter" cleaning up the mess that a previous manager left behind. However, due to keeping a postive attitude ( which is so extremely important in this business) I have come out on top and have been very successful and with a happy staff every time. You will really become a family in your store ( mainly due to the large amount of time you will get to spend with one another =) You will have some disagreements, you will have some victories, and you will have some defeats (just hopefully not to many....=)
Please don't listen to all of the horror stories that are out there. Rent A Center has hundreds of thousands of great customers and thousands of great employees. Don't let the stories of a few bad customers and employees that we have had in the past (or are currently weeding out) ruin your opinion of an excellent company!
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