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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
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From San Diego, CA — 01/14/2010

I'll start by saying I have worked for Red Robin for about 3 1/2 years total, in two different states and in a franchise owned and corporate owned stores. With all restaurants, you have to consider how good of a server you are. The better you are, the better tips you make, they better your experience is. I have also worked at many other restaurants in my life and by FAR, Red Robin is the best. I have read the other reviews and some sound like a bitter employees who don't do their work. Or, they may have had a bad experience, it is totally possible that Red Robin was not for them.
First, you have to understand, Red Robin is a culture. It's a culture of working hard, having fun and being unbridled everyday. If you don't buy into that, you will not like working for Red Robin. If you do buy into that, everything else will fall in place.
RESPECT: I have always been respected at RR and never felt less than anyone. I would encourage those who do feel disrespected to go straight to their Regional Manager.
BENEFITS: RR does have decent benefits, but you do have to work there for a minimum amount of time and average a minimum number of hours per week to be eligible. I have never used them.
JOB SECURITY: Again, this depends on you. If you are late, have a crappy attitude or just don't care, you probably wont be there long. But that's a good thing- it's the customer service industry. If you owned the company would you want these people representing your brand?
WORK/LIFE BALANCE: RR does an awesome job at this. They have worked around my husband's hours and my school schedule.
CAREER POTENTIAL/GROWTH: RR almost always promotes from within. One of the executives of RR started as a dishwasher. enough said.
LOCATION: RR's are always in a prime location.
CO-WORKER COMPETENCE: I will admit, this is the one section RR could improve on.
WORK ENVIRONMENT: I love working here because of the atmosphere! Its just a fun place!
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