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Job Security5
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From Owings Mills, MD — 02/21/2007

Not a bad company to work for. It just depends on where your working at and who your managers are. Pay sucks cuz its either minimum wage for bartenders or for servers its what the state says (MD is 2.83/hr I believe) but its up to you on how big of tips you get. The atmosphere is pretty fun and laid back. Having to sing birthday songs in the middle of when your really busy SUCKS and it gets annoying. Management is screwy. How can a spanish kid go from being a dishwasher to an assistant manager in about 2 years and make more than mid managers who have been there for 4+ years??? Good for him, but for company policy because like any other restaurant, there is drama and gossip like you wouldn't believe. Its a shame there is no 18% gratuity included. Maybe franchises have it, but corporate will never. The location of this restaurant sucks because the area is getting G-H-E-T-T-O as anything. The whole Baltimore area is getting bad. Probably a better choice to work at new RR opening up because its going to be BUSY! Probably a good stock to buy into as well. Basically, if you like having fun and are pretty loose and open to different people, you'll have fun and make money too. Mmmm, those fry fills...really good good good burgers too, thats for sure.
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