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From Southern California — 09/03/2010

I have been with RR for almost a month now. I am on my 3rd week of my 5 day training ! Today I did my GEMs and I failed cause I didn't ask if one table wanted more fries and I didn't ask how a specific food was when I did my check back.

Personally, for a place that is just "burgers and fries", as it has been put to me by one of the managers, this company is really a bit over the top ( was gonna say anal) about 30 seconds this and 2 minutes that.

My training has been spread out with 1 day this week, 2 the next week, etc., and now it will prob be another 5 days before I can re-take my GEMS again !

I am a good server. I have been serving for almost 10 years now and this training has me considering going into something a bit less precise, like maybe brain surgery or rocket building !

My trainer was not the best that I could have had. She was more concerned with finishing the written portions so she could get on the floor and make tips than she was in training me. I didn't even know what glasses the drinks came in until I went to the mixo and asked him !

There is way too much emphasis on the timing thing. If the product is quality and the service is good, I really do not see a guest getting up and leaving cause their drink came out in 2 min34 seconds as opposed to 2 min exactly !

I am going to give this GEMS thing one more shot. If I don't get it I will seriously have to consider finding a new job ! When (if) I do pass, I am going to be RR extrodinaire and become a CDT. Then maybe when it's my turn to train, I will do it knowing the mistakes MY trainer made with me and NOT pass them on to the next person !
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