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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth3
Work Environment4

From Morgantown, WV — 06/10/2009

The pay is fairly decent, I work as a host, and althought the manager had a "mistake" and started hiring the new people at nine dollars instead of eight like the others get, it's fair. As far as respect goes, the "fab four" or the (Hosts, Bussers, Take Out (when it's not the bar), and Silverware Rollers....yes all the same people) don't really recieve any...we do everything in the restaurant. We seat the servers who complain when they get sat, because they want to get "cut" earlier, but yet they complain when they don't make money. When you bus, most of the servers are fairly helpful with pre-bussing and often times helping you bus or already having their table done, but there are some servers who are completely incompetent, when they know a busser is on they don't do anything, ANYTHING. The managers are a bit crazy, but in a good keeps us entertained and it keeps an upbeat atmosphere. This restaurant has only been opened since February 23rd and I've been there ever since. I don't really know much about the benefits....i didn't really read up on it. Job Security is good cause they always have you doing many other things as a host, i've washed the dishes, did prep work, made salads, baked a little, and did Alley Coordnating and I enjoyed working in those areas. Work/Life balance, I only have two complaints...the first is how the schedule is set up because it only has a start are cut when the manager tells you to go you can't really do anything planned. my other complaint is that the Managers get the schedule to you the Sunday (of the scheduled week) so you can't make any plans that way either. Career Potential/Growth....i really haven't paid much attention to it...the managers like when you do a great job and take great care of the guests. Location is great, it's on the hill at the University Town Centre right beside two of Darden's other restraunt brands, Olive Garden and Longhorn. Red Lobster actually shares the parking lot with Olive Garden so parking can sometimes be a headache. Co-worker competence, I feel that I talked a little about that above, some people are smart and helpful and really nice, but some are just retarted and shouldn't even be working there. The managers are constantly telling them things and they don't comprehend it. I find myself often doing the stuff they should be doing because the manager has asked them to do or not to do something and they either don't do what they are asked or they continue to do the wrong thing. The Work environment is good too... the Managers are always in a good mood and that often rubs off on the employees and it allows our GSS Scores to be higher because we do a great job.
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