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From Boston — 04/27/2010

The products and marketing are great.

A lot of the senior management came in from the good 'ol boy network, so you've a failed airline exec, the CFO of a failed clothing factory and the VP of sales whose only claim on a job was marrying the old CEO's sister. Some of the people are incredibly dubious, moving from legal council to running sales/training, suggesting they have leverage on the other execs since they could never fill their roles elsewhere.

So, the top's pretty lame. The good new is that many of the folks are very good, especially in engineering and marketing, although sales is always looking for young, inexperienced and cheap newbies to run phones and work deals, while the old timers in telco, general management etc. wait until accounts are developed before swooping in to take them, or hand them to their good 'ol boyfriends, so it's a churn and burn environment, somewhat offset by the teams in Raleigh moving as a pack, sharing test results, tips and strategies among one another -- tough for you if you didn't play Hockey or share a Frat house with them in NC.

All the Open-Source gurus are pretty much gone, or play prima donnas, knowing the company has to keep them around to prevent an image of jackal management like at EMC and some of the famously care-less, show me the money outfits on the East Coast.
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