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From Raleigh — 01/30/2010

Truly one of the nastiest and narastics environments I have ever worked in. The people your hired with are generally cool. Its management and some of the ego driven intelligent fatheads that make work in this place not so much. Company spend a ton of money trying to figure what works in maintaining 100% repeat business and attracting a wider subscription base. Not one Blue Chip consulting firm study will paint a more obvious sign of whats wrong then simply observing how some of the walking Kbases treat new plebes walking into support services for the first time. Psst!! Most of you didnít design the Kernel..You only recite man pages. Some of you would be best served taking a regular shower instead of gaming all night and throwing on the same smelly ass jeans you have been wearing for the last four days in a row. Rank man, simply rank. Maybe corp. built those in the building for that very reason.
And while yes, reciting man pages to some Sys Admin over the phone whoís on a trading floor in Chicago or Manhattan is indeed an awe inspiring task itís not necessary to attempt to portray itself as anything more.
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