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From Manchester, NH — 04/01/2010

The owner is franchising the diner. So now there are many managers, rules, handbooks, procedures, and paperwork. The owner now sees all employees as replaceable. Many employees have been there for 10+ years. There is no job security there. The owner frequently posts memo's to employees stating that they can get someone else to do our job at any moment. Also, when you are let go or fired, the owner does not do it to your face. You get taken off the schedule. This was done to an employee who had worked here 22 years. The food quality and portion size has drastically decreased and customers have noticed. We are warned not to acknowledge to the customer that there are changes. Not a positve environment to work. The employees do all the work and the owner gets all the glory. And whatever you do, don't piss off any of the owners friends or family, you will be fired , no questions asked.
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