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From Woodland Hills, CA — 07/20/2010

My personal experience of what I've seen proves a 40%+ churn rate of sales consultants after 1 year (that stat given to me by an insider when I was there). When you can barely keep 1 out of 2 employees around, that's got to say something about the company. The customer churn rate is also terrible (as most analysts know), which says something about what they're asking you to sell to your customers.

I admit that ReachLocal is an easy glass of Kool-Aid to drink. It all sounds good at first, but in the end they're training you to sell a service that doesn't work to unsuspecting small businesses. I did pretty well there, but it's hard to get up everyday and work for a company that doesn't respect its customers and constantly keeps you looking for new customers as old ones drop off.
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