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From Irvine, CA — 04/07/2010

I love working for ReachLocal. Look me up, I'm a real person not someone paid to say that I love it. I have worked for RL for over 2 years, why is that you ask? Hard work.. I could not have stated it any better than the so called "corporate guy", stated.. It is hard work.
The sales position is not an easy..walk in with accounts, type of position. I have seen some sales people come and go within this company. Most leave because of the following #1 They don't want to work hard, #2 They don't understand the technology or cannot teach it to their potential clients #3 They don't act like it's a real job. #4 They carry over their old accomplishments and act as though they "deserve" all that they have had prior.
ReachLocal has great training and is supportive of their employees. At least that is what I have seen in my career. In my particular office we have some of the brightest sales people and support consultants that I have ever come across. I feel very proud to work with such forward thinking people and for a company that has initiated much of my personal and technological growth.
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