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From Chicago, IL — 08/31/2010

After reading some of the reviews about ReachLocal posted by former employees and unhappy clients, I feel compelled to share my thoughts. It seems review sites are always dominated by negativity, so I thought it would be useful to hear about the good stuff.

I’ve been an Internet Marketing Consultant (IMC) with ReachLocal for over 2 years and take great pride in the positive impact we have upon the businesses we support. As someone who grew up in a family owned and operated small business, one of the most rewarding parts of the job is helping local and regional businesses survive (and thrive!) in this economy by understanding the shift from print to digital advertising and making smart decisions.

Online marketing/advertising can be complicated and businesses can easily waste a lot of money if not done properly. My clients see me as a hard-working, trusted member of their team, and by educating them and getting to know their unique needs, we partner to build targeted, strategic online campaigns. I help them allocate their online ad budgets wisely and provide tons of free advice on topics like Google Map Listings, SEO and effective Facebook strategies. One of the best parts is that our technology & reporting allows clients to actually see results by listening to phone calls, viewing “Contact Us” forms submitted, and measuring return on investment at all times- pretty cool.

We are constantly striving to improve the ways we support our advertisers, manage campaigns and hire the best of the best. If I were a business trying to bring in new customers or a talented sales/marketing professional looking for a true career, I would for sure invest the time to check out ReachLocal.
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