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From McKinney, Tecas — 07/15/2009

Well Well if you really want to know about Raytheon either start with some other company and join Raytheon or leave Raytheon and compare it. Lots of talented people in Raytheon. Offcourse you should not expect to design some circuit within 2 years of employment. What I liked about Raytheon is that the managers really push you for Graudate studies. Try that with other employers and you will see the results. If you got security clearance and exposed to classified programs, your employement is actually secured. Since Raytheon work is unique and their business style is different than Boeing and Lockheed, I do not see layoff in Raytheon as compared to others. One of my friend is working in some utility company and he is paying 50% more than what I am paying for Healthcare costs. He said that his prescription coverage is not good as mine. Another best thing which I liked about Raytheon is Flex Schedule. You do not find this in companies anymore. In companies like Lockheed, you got to use your vacation time, if something important comeup. I do not know why people complain about Raytheon. Either they do not know the over all working culture or they are just recruited by competitors to spread rumors about Raytheon.
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