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From Waltham, Sudbury and — 09/27/2007

I got hired at Microwave Power and Tube, Waltham. Worked there for two years and got bumped to Sudbury. Doing alright at Sudbury. Until I got bumped to Quincy. I drove 120 miles everyday! Finally got laid off. I was happy I didn't have to endure the driving any more! What really sucked about Raytheon was the way they treated their engineers. (I wasn't an engineer.) Here's people with Masters and other high degrees, being crapped on everyday. The bottom line? Starting pay sucks, for hourly. You don't know how long this crap company will keep you. And the union is selling its memebers down the river every contract. (That's the case in Massachusetts.) Raytheon tends to buyout other companies and cry poverty at contract time. Coworkers are cool. Very little snitching going on.
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