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From Fort worth, Tx — 07/12/2008

I have been an employee with Randstad on and off since 2004. I have 0 complaints. They are a great company to work for, I have never had an issue with them. I wanted to add that this a temporary agency and YOU ARE your job security. If you do well, the company that you are temping at will keep you. That's it, theres nothing more to that. Be a good employee and do your job and your job is secure. The office I work for is excellent. They do a wonderful job of visiting us onsite in case of any questions or concerns. On my 3rd week of emloyment I realized i hadn't signed up for benefits (which aren't the greatest but they are inexpensive and you get benefits as soon as you sign up for them which can be the first week after being billed) I called the Randstad office (about 3 blocks away) and the rep was nice enough to bring me the benefits enrollment package. What employer does that. It was hot that day too. Anyway, there are always gonna be complainers and whiny people, but as far as the Fort worth office (which is located in Downtown Fort worth) goes, they are the best temporary agency I have ever worked for.
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