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From illinois — 07/27/2008

I am a manager that has worked for one of the owners for almost 10 years now and sure at times thoughout the years I have wanted to pull out my hair but who at there job has not wanted to at one point or another!!! I have for the most part have seen my job as a blessing! The pay and "benifits" aren't the greatest but what I have benifitted from is the fact that I have small children that I have been able to be there for as far as school activities, sports, when they have been ill, etc. and never once have I had any problems!!! I have also been very lucky as far as the people that I have worked with in my store over the years! As far as the respect thing goes I have been complimented many times on how well my store looks, my staff, my sales etc. and when there is a problem I expect to be told just like when I have a problem with one of my employees they are told about it!! I am saddened to hear all the horrible things that have been written about this company! If you're that unhappy why are you still working for them? And if you're not working for them any more and have written these things then I think that the problem was you!! Please do not let these ignorant comments get to you especially with everything that is going on!! I Know I'm not the only one in this company who appreciates their job and cares! Thank you for the 10 years of employment and many more to come!!
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