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From Rainsville, AL — 07/08/2010

It is hot but not as bad as other plants I've been in. RTI did put in big fans to help move the air around so that helps. And not many places this size have air conditioning like RTI. The benefits are great and cheap! We get bonuses when company is doing good which is AWESOME! I was surprised to get an extra one for summer. We get lunches and picnics again. I also think there is room to move up if you want the stress that is. More so now that business is better. I personally don't fear too much for my job here because A) I come to work everyday, on time and B) I do my job. I want to work with others who do this too, unfortunately not everyone feels this way. If they keep screwing things up and don't care if they send bad parts, it only makes my & everyone's bonus go down and I need the $. If you are paying more attention to their boy/girlfriends that what you are doing, then yeah, you end up messing up parts and if you do that enough, they will get rid of you. duh! And if you don't come to work, then I have to work overtime to make up for your lazy -ss and that ticks me off! So yeah, if they get rid of you and hire a temp that will come to work, then great, I get to see my kids more. As for OT, they take volunteers first, then the ones that worked the least hours, get assigned the overtime. Is fair to me. And I'd rather have OT than short hours like 2 yrs ago.

I've seen people sick and out for months and come back to work so they don't just can you because you were really sick. Its the ones that milk it for all its worth and are late everyday and out every week that need to go. Those people are the ones that don't care about the rest of us. Most of the people, including supervisors are nice and do work hard. Its not a hard or bad place to work, I really like it here and hope to be there a long time.
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