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From rainsville — 03/16/2009

RTI is a good place to work. The pay is not the best in the area but it certainly is not the worst either.The insurance is good, where else can you get BCBS for 7$ a week? The dental plan could be much better but they recently upgraded the vision so maybe dental will be next.
There is potential for Growth at RTI. I have seen people get promoted that I never thought would. Mainly in Quality, logistics, and paint. I am concerned with some recent decisions, I do not want to get shaken or yelled at by the assistant managers, but I can go to my TL and I can go to the senior manager if need be. Job security has been rocky lately due to economic reasons but before this it was great. I have watched plenty of people lay out of work a lot and the TL's do nothing, as well as cover for people with HTR issues.
RTI is clean and climate controlled, if you have ever worked in a warehouse that was not you would appreciate what we have there.
Co worker are the best I have found, you still have the gossip and stuff you have in other mills but it is good.
Yall hang in there RTI is a good place to work and we will make it through this!!!
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