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From Rainsville, AL — 10/11/2008

The Pay is actually very good for our area. when I started there the respect, work environment, and job security seemed great. It seems to all be going downhill at a rapid pace. I find it bad management to "let someone go" without at least a few days notice. Especially when they are hard workers and have put everything into their job to prove themselves. I understand we are going through cut backs, but for crying outloud do not wait until 3:45 on Friday afternoon to tell someone they are fired. The favortism is unreal..and they tell us the internal job postings are to make things fair. That is bull, they have someone doing a job for 9 months, then post the job as a Technician (which means more money) interview a couple of people and guess who gets the job..the one with the most experience..well of course because he has been doing it 9 months already!
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