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From Kansas — 05/13/2009

I have worked here for 3 years now and yes thing could be better. A lot better in fact. Things are bad everywhere now and when ever the day looks bad,I tell myself thank you lord that I am not one of the millions of people unemployed today. The pay is not the best by a long shot. But it's better than sleeping under a bridge somewhere. I don't have a boss standing over me all day I get to drive which is something I do injoy. I could be working a Mcdonalds in a hot kitchen. Are the vans in good shape they should and would be if all the drivers took care of them the way I do instead of driving them like they stole it.No one has ever made me drive an unsafe van. The people that have worked here longer than I have if they would tell the truth they would have to admit that this company is a 100 times better that it was. At least we now have some bennifts. Career growth is there if you prove yourself. For those who have true complaints please take advantage of the Employee Hotline because I know it works. 888-347-1206. I have to say the last 18 months here I have sean a lot of very positive changes and I believe that it will and is getting better everyday. Everyone has to do their part.
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