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From Ogden, Utah — 03/15/2009

I was a location manager but was called a leaddriver the pay was dropped from $1600.00 a month to 147.35 every to weeks when i took the job . I had a great group of drivers we went the worst hub to the best in Utah in one year and were only getting better the van were being fixed the hours were being dirstrubuted evenly . The area manager was a yes man and not for the drivers in this area .I had to fight to get anything for my vans or drivers .When railcrew lost the contact in Utah all the drivers lost there jobs and had to sign on with a new conpany (coach america) and they are alot worse than Railcrew . At least with Railcrew we knew where we stood .The only protection the drivers had was me ,and I have been out of work since that time . The area manager that was here Blackballed me with the company because I would not hire on with the new company and can not get anyone at Railcrew tocall me to find out the truth that i was the real location manager not just a leaddriver.
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