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From Toronto, ON — 12/04/2008

I've been checking this site pretty regularly for quite a while now, and as a former co-worker (not Management) of most of you that post on this site, I have to say that for the most part, I have understood and in many cases agreed with the messages that have been posted. Unlike the majority of people who post here though, I worked in the Toronto office so I was able to see both sides of the coin, and it was frustrating sometimes seeing the posts because we worked really hard up here trying to establish consistency in policy and administration, and our constant and ongoing frustration was the lack of consistent compliance with some really solid policies/procedures, programs and systems whether it was the parade of PDA's, AMS usage, Application Processing etc and so on. The biggest impediment we had to getting our jobs done properly was the lack of consistent field compliance with the policies/procedures, programs and systems that were put in place. Everyone wants to complain about how they didnít get their cheque, but what they donít say is that they didnít complete the proper paperwork; everyone wants to complain that a new hire is taking too long, but what they donít say is that the application processing team has been waiting for the driver photo for a week; everyone wants to complain that the PDAís were useless, but what they donít say is that half the drivers werenít trained properly, the other almost a half knew how to use them just didnít like them or didnít WANT to use them (there were some areas that were using them just fine). We saw it all time after time up here, so there are two sides.

Iím not trying to start yet another finger pointing contest, honestly it doesnít affect me anymore, but over the past couple of years I got to know a lot of you and formed relationships with many of you, Iím sure (I donít know or care whoís who on here). Regardless of the growing pains of the company, remember that the idea of the company in the first place was an AMAZING idea and at this point is a relatively stable income source for over 1000 people. Thatís something you need to hold on to, especially in these tough(ening) times. Take some responsibility and take advantage of the theoretically really good foundations that have now been laid out for you. If you donít, all the infighting and finger pointing could result in EVERYBODY losing their jobs if the top dogs finally throw their hands up in frustration and give up.

I hope the good and the bad gets sorted out in RCX for the sake of all the good hearted folk out there just trying to make a living. I miss talking to yíall regularly and sometimes wish it was about two years ago (if I knew then what I know now LOL). I wish you all the best!
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