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From Amarillo,Tx — 08/23/2010

Pay sucks,if railcrew cared about there employees they would do something about getting us all raises. Do something, so much turn over and that would stop if we could get good pay.Benefits aren't that good.They also suck.The yard drivers should get better pay, at least 75.00 a day plus mileage just like the rest of us.We have two BNSF drivers that drive the carryall van in the yard, these guys make around 125.00 for there shift, but spend most of there time hidding in the office behind there desk.WE may make 57.00, that sucks,we work are asses off to make 57.00 and the BNSF drivers sit on there ass doing nothing while, we the railcrew drivers bust are ass to make 57.00.This isn't right.WE should all get a good pay raise and we all get mileage.That little bit extra money helps.Railcrew made some 45 million dollars last year,what did they do for there employees, nothing spend 10,000 on running boards for the crews.The people sit behind a desk at railcrew and think of all kind of ways to make money, but the drivers like me that work there ass off for this company wonder, will we ever get a raise, or is railcrew going to keep bullshitting there employees about giving raises.Why is it so hard for the top man at railcrew to give us raises.What would happen to railcrew if all the drivers decided not to work for two days, what would that do to this company and how much would you lose.Well this can happen if we all get together nationwide, wouldn't giving us raises be better then going through something like this.
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