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From Homewood,IL — 07/20/2010

Radioshack has absolutely no loyalty to their workers. It takes much time to become knowledgeable in all aspects of the salesfloor. There's so much to know on top of staying ahead of your sales game. They find ways to get rid of you if you decide you don't want to step up to a managerial position. I was offered the step up, but because I felt that I can do better than 6 day work weeks, 51 hours, and only $30,000 yearly, they had to find a simple solution for me...termination. Never did I express myself to corporate in a manner such as I did here. I simply refused it. I was comfortable as a sales associate. I feel like they're the ones that are missing out. I was dedicated to my customers. So off I go to find a real job once I'm done chilling off of my unemployment.
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