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From Tifton, Georgia — 01/31/2010

I've worked at Radioshack since late October of 2009. I joined the Radioshack team in order to make some extra money while attending college full-time.

I'm not quite sure where people on this site are coming up with low pay. I haven't made less than $11/hour on my paychecks working 40 hours a week - I even made $15/hour during the holidays. Then again, I was the top selling part-time sales associate in our district.

If you're interested in becoming a sales associate at a Radioshack, there's only one thing you need to remember - You are there to serve your purpose. If your purpose is to sell things and you can't do that, then you should be fired immediately. If your purpose is to tend to store operations and you can't do that, then you should be fired immediately. If your purpose is... I think you know what I'm saying.

My DM seems to be a great guy. He has done nothing but treat me like a genuine human being - every time he calls our store he makes sure to ask me how my day's going and offer friendly insight as to how I can improve if I'm lacking in an area. Great guy altogether who really knows how to treat the people under him.

My manager is an excellent one in my opinion. I understand exactly where he's coming from most of the time and he's not scared to let you know how he really feels about things around the store or about upper management. If something needs to be done as far as sales go, he'll be sure to let you know exactly where you should be and he'll even help you to get there with his insight.

Altogether, management in my district does not seem to be holding up to the same example many others are talking about here. Our district has the privelige of having competent, understanding management who will work with you on a personal level and even take time to hear you out - I find this sort of behavior very impressive.

My co-workers are a diverse group - we all come from different backgrounds and each have our strong and weak points. I love working with all of them for the most part, but, at the same time, I am a bit of a rogue so I don't deal with them often unless they're helping me with a situation in which I'm unfamiliar with. Altogether, co-worker competence is great! Friendly people.

I am starting to feel a bit over-worked lately due to juggling school and work. The work environment gets a bit heated sometimes when dealing with stupid customers. I hold the utmost respect for every functional member of society, but any person that walks up to me without respecting me will get no help from me.

Some people are genuinely idiots. I love being in the middle of a phone activation when some person calls in on the store phone to ask me why the TV they bought from Wal-Mart isn't picking up channel 6. It's even funner when they become annoyed by your inability/unwillingness to help them resolve the matter.

Most customers are fools. Treat them as such.
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