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From Twin Cities, MN — 03/28/2009

PAY: Well, the pay for Part Timers in my area for part time is 7.10/HR before commission. Now, I had initially been seeking a Full Time position (Which is 7.65/HR), so the amount I had been getting was still far below what I was expecting. I won't discuss the exact commision rate, but understand, it is very low. So, either way, full time or part time, you're base pay will be low, and your commission will all be based on how well you sell.

RESPECT: Personally, I've been respected by my fellow managers and employees. All of them understand the pressure they're under, yet, they all seem to be searching for a position beyond the company. Towards the end, it seemed that the company was so desperate to sell, that it was firing all those who were not meeting the numbers given.

Benefits: I never used the RadioShack Benefits, so I CAN NOT give a review on the benefits.

JOB SECURITY: For my Part Time position, my position seemed pretty sucure for my time with RadioShack...(Until Recently)...Everyone has been given VERY strict standards that must be met... UNDERSTAND that this is only MY district... Some locations can meet they're expectations with no problem.

WORK/LIFE BALANCE:... The only problem I've had is, that they may change your schedule, quite dramatically, at any point in time (even though its against the law).

CAREER POTENTIAL/ Growth: Unless you have a degree, you likely won't make it past Store Managers... Now, while it might sound good to be a store manager... Its not as good as you may think...

LOCation: RadioShack has like 5000-6000 stores, so it has been VERY close to me, and likely, close to others.

CO-WORKER COMPENTENCE: Everyone I worked with was very good. They were all good sales associates.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: The work environment was good. We had a decent amount of customers, at the same time, we had a good amount of down time.
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