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From Brookfield, WI — 02/01/2009

The job pays base plus commission. There are 4 people in my store, and if you split the amount of money coming in, you cannot reach your "quota", and won't get any commission. You get ok money from selling cell phones. It's to bad everyone already has one.

Everyone there is ok, I find most of the people that work at radioshack are at least a little nerdy. Which is ok, and I guess that's basically what the job entails.

I do feel as, if I don't sell enough, they will let me go. And that time spent with the company means nothing, or favors you do for them.

But as far as I see, if you sell well, anything else really doesn't matter too much.

As far as I can see it seems like it's going to take about 15 years to become a manager. And being a manager, you don't get paid well, so I can't see staying with the company for too long.

Extremely high pressure sales isn't for me. Nor is lying to get sales.

Any days off, I can have if I request. I float, and fill in, because the other people I work with have things they need to do, and that's fine with me, but when I need a specific day off, I expect to receive it also.

The people I work with aren't stupid. Somethings I know more about than them, and vise versa. But when it comes to parts, we all have to put our heads together.
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