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From Oroville, CA — 10/16/2008

Alright, so first of all I have to agree with the girl that wrote a review a while ago. Customers really do think that because you are a girl working in an electronics store you know absolutely nothing. I actually had a lady tell me that I didn't know how to change a battery and to not touch her stop watch and let a man do it. Made me a little mad needless to say.

Respect: I am actually lucky in my store. My manager and I get along really well. His superiors however are another story. They never have anything good to say when they come in, and it's really getting old after 2 1/2 years.

Benefits: You don't really get any, other than a discount. 30% off of RadioShack products and 10% off of everything else. They pay you minimum wage and you have to work your butt off to get anything more than that. They used to have this thing were if you were promoted to full time you got a raise. Except that out here in California, they raised minimum wage and it ended up being the same amount full timers got. And Radio Shack is too cheap to raise the amount full timers are paid. So, now we all make the same. Commission is pretty hard to come by. I work in the store that sells the most wireless in the district and my paychecks still suck. I remember making $700-800 a check every 2 weeks. But because they have dropped the amount you get paid on wireless sales, my checks have literally been cut in half. This last check I got was for $497.00. I cant pay my bills on that!

Job Security: There is really any. You have a constant feeling of "I could be fired today." Not because of the employee doing anything wrong, but because the higher ups decide that maybe you didn't meet the quotas for a month. My husband actually worked for the same store I do and he got fired last year. Reason: he was stealing from the company. First of all, let me just clarify by saying that he never stole anything. Second, the way they fired him was to have the district manager come in and tell my husband that he had a phone call. The person on the phone was the loss prevention manager. The man on the phone then proceeded to ask my husband why he didn't take names and addresses on some returns and started spitting random ticket numbers at him. Since they were on the phone, my husband had no way of looking up these specific ticket numbers and thus had no way to defend himself. And let me just say, he was most definitely not the only one that wasn't taking names and addresses. Not a single other person in that store was doing it either. Anyways, the loss prevention manager then proceeded to tell my husband that he was suspected of stealing and if he signed this document that the district manager had he would be able to keep his job. He found out later that this "document" was a confession. Against his better judgement he signed it. (we were going through some financial hardships at the time and he just thought that he would start looking for a job and then quit Radio Shack) Well, they DID end up firing him and because of the confession he was required to pay back $1,400.00 to the company for "losses". Once I got a chance to talk to him, I told him he should remit his statement and he then informed me that the district manager said that if he did that, the police would be called and he would be arrested. I ended up screaming at the district manager and giving him my 2 weeks notice. A couple of days later, I decided to not leave because my husband and I had bills and if we were both unemployed it would be even worse.

Work/Life Balance: Alright, I may be schedualed for only 40 hours, but I work way more than that. Plus, while I'm at work, I do all of the Assistant Manager duties on top of picking up the slack of other employees that do absolutely nothing. And, I'm not even the Assistant Manager! I'm just a full time employee.

Career Potential/Growth: There isn't really much growth. And like the others have said, if you want to move up, you must do a lot of ass kissing. And even then, that doesn't always work. This year alone the higher ups have said that they only expect 15% of district managers to keep their jobs this year. It's very competitive and you don't get positions for baseless reasons.

Location: Well, I'm lucky because I only live 2 minutes away from work. So, that's good.

Co-Worker Competence: Well, I only rated this a 3 because there are certain people there that don't want to be there and it shows in everything they do. They flat out refuse to help customers and when they actually do have to help them, they pass the customers off to me by asking questions, getting the customer interested in me, and then walking away. Trust me, I have complained to the manager numerous times.

Work Environment: I would say our store is good to work in. It's clean, the manager is respectful, and for the most part the employees are fun to be around.

Overall, I would say that this is a good company to work for to get through school or something short term, but it definitely isn't something you want to stay in for the long haul.
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