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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance2
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Sikeston, mo — 06/29/2008

PAY: to sum it up it up.... it's sorry! im an assistant manager and i dont get paid nearly enough for what is expected of me. I'm suppose to keep meeting my monthly quotas and take on scheduling, payroll, and many other minute tasks.

RESPECT: it is one of the most respectful places i've ever worked at, plus if you are running numbers with the big dogs you get noticed and they let every other associate know who to look up to.

BENEFITS: i gave it a 3 because it allows me to add my fiance even though we are not married... plus for both of us i dont have to pay out that much

JOB SECURITY: if you run big numbers you dont have anything to worry about... you can look at your boss and call him every name in the book and he wont care

WORK/LIFE: absoutly sorry.... for management there is not a whole lot of down time working 50 plus hrs a week.... if the pay was better i would deal with it

CAREER: once again if your numbers are good enough yo can go anywhere

LOCATION: mine is fabalous.... its one of the top in the nation so i cant complain there

CO-WORKERS: they are awsome i would'nt want to work with any other group of employees

WORK ENVIROMWENT: love it i can come and go as i please and everyone gets along great

however, since we have a new CEO the associate pay has went way way down and they are losing all of their top sellers.... the old CEO's motto was take care of the assocites they're the ones putting money into my pocket so we were taken care of really well.... within the weekend alone 3 of the top sellers in my store have put in their 2 week notice... and all they want to tell you is sell more RSSP and push RSAP..... i dont know if they have taken a look at the economy but people are pinching penies any way they can... so to Mr. julian day..... You should think about your associates a little bit more and realize that they are putting the fatty money in your wallet.... if you keep this up this company will go bankrupt because all of your number one producers will be long gone!!!
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