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From Several Places, ct — 06/02/2008

Not the worst job i've ever had. the pay is decent if you don't have to pay rent or any sort of bills. NO way would it support my student loan bills, even as a manager.

First manager had no respect at all, complete jerk (he got fired). second manager was great. Treated me like a valued employee and helped train me for the manager position.

I saw great job security, many employees who should have been fired 10 times over for habitual tardiness, laziness, and failure to perform still work there and the only time people get fired is if they get caught stealing.

I never really took advantage of the benefits, besides the sprint employee plan, 20 bucks a month got me pretty much everything.

I had plenty of time as an associate to go to school and have fun on the nights, but as a manager i worked my ass off and was lucky to work under 50 hours a week.

I guess it has some growth potential. I did make manager after a year and a half of being promised opportunity.

They're everywhere, find one in your hometown. of course when i got my management position i couldn't pick the store. Still not too far away. My first store was in a higher class area so that helped me do a little bit better in terms of pay.

Co-workers....what can i say? Some knew what they were talking about and enjoyed selling and helping customers, others didn't know an xbox from a playstation. You get that everywhere i guess, some workers give a crap and some don't.

The overall work environment was decent. I'm not upset i worked here, but i couldn't live off the pay and i couldn't deal with the bad hours as manager. I highly reccomend this for a college or high school job. But i could never make a living out of it.
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