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3.4Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance2
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From Pennsylvania — 05/03/2008

I have a had a decent experience with the location that I work at. Our manager respects us and treats us like individuals, and makes the store environment a great one to work in. I sometimes feel that field management is too hard on the stores.

PAY: Its not the best paying job in the world, and the only real money making opportunity is in cell phones.

RESPECT: I gave this a 5 because of my particular situation.

BENEFITS: Being that I never had benefits for this company as of yet, I can't give this an accurate rating. For me, it is difficult as a part-timer to gain benefits.

JOB SECURITY: I feel this position has decent job security as long as you do your job and follow operating guidelines.

WORK/LIFE BALANCE: Scheduling is done based upon forecasted customer traffic, which 90% of the time isn't an actual representation. At times, hours can fluctuate between an extreme increase and decrease; somewhat of an inconsistency. I have no problems working 30+ hrs/week, but am constantly being bumped just over 20 hrs/week. For full timers, especially managers, work/life balance isn't the greatest.

CAREER POTENTIAL: I feel that advancement is possible in the company but not made easy for the associates. To become an assistant manager, you must travel to classes that take place in a district office that can be as far as 3 hrs. from the store. I also learned the the assistant manager position is classified by the company as "temporary", after the end of your training you will be placed as a manager-in-waiting and they will place you in a store as a Manager. If only they could have a permanent management position that doesn't involve total advancement and transfer to your own store. I would also like if they could create a "Supervisor" position that would still be considered management but a notch below an Assistant manager without travel.

LOCATION: My location is convenient, and located in a semi-high traffic area. I am pleased with customer traffic, but it seems that weekdays don't have as much activity as Fridays/Saturdays do.

CO-WORKER COMPETENCE: This depends upon their individual training. A good portion of my coworkers are competent in the selling aspect, but I think that visual merchandising, store maintenance, signage and other aspects of store operations could be better emphasized.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: I couldn't ask for a better work environment. Positive encouragement exists, and we actually get a "thank you" and a handshake when we have a good day. It feels good to get recognition for something that I did right, and it empowers me to do better in the future. I give great thanks to the manager of my location, he is truly great at being a leader and is a real role model for me.
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