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From Waterloo, IL — 07/23/2010

I've only been with Radio Shack for two weeks. I'm in the full time spot and I'm scheduled to be taking over the Assiistant Manager spot in a couple of months. All employees, except the manager make minimum wage. Employees make commission on everything. Needless to say I'm not gonna last. I've already applied for a couple of new jobs. If you ever consider working for them then be ready to sell phones. Personnally, I could care less about phones and that will be my downfall. I have a cell phone, but just make calls. I don't use the camera or video, I don't text or have the internet on it. I even get my phone service from US Cellular, which Radio Shack doesn't sell and it pisses them off that I bring my (competing) phone into their store.

I'm not even allowed to let customers see my phone!!

The Shack has lots of cell phone training you have to do and that's OK, because I suck at it. Since I'm not a phone fanatic, it'll be ard for me to convince others to buy phones or services that I don't use. If someone has any questions about their phone or one they want to buy, I'm screwed! I've only sold a couple because I'm still in "training" so they're not on my back just yet. I can see that the other employees on are edge and are under the gun.

Every single month employees are reviewed. You have to sit in with your manager and he/she grades you on your last month of sales. They have access to everything. They know how many transactions you've rung out and how much money you've taken in. They know your average number of protection plans vs total sales. They know how many prepaid and contract phones you've sold.

The store still sells resistors and diodes. They sell laptops, radios, iPods, home phones and a few toys. By far Cell Phones are the gravy! You have to know phones, you have to love phones and you have to be able to sell them. I cannot do either and the more I learn about them, the less I care.

I hope to be in a new job within 3 months. I will re-rate this company on my departure.
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