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Job Security2
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth5
Work Environment3

From Texas — 08/30/2009

I rated the pay a 0 because after all it is minimum wage. The respect at my store is pretty good. My manager is great now the DM I am not fond of her. My main issue is her calling while we are with customers or the store is busy and pretty much expecting us to drop whatever we're doing(Yes even if it means walking away from a customer) to do whatever she is asking...

The benefits like insurance aren't really worth it to me because I have kids and it only covers basically one visit per family member.

the work life balance is okay... I will say my manager works with e as much as possible as I am the only employee there with kids and a husband.

Since there is always someone leaving you can potentially move up quickly.

We are in a poorer location so we have more prepaid sales than just about anything else.... Another area I disagree with our DM on.She wants us to upsell these people to contract phones (yes I know it makes Radio Shack more money and me I just feel bad asking people who I already have a feeling are probably struggling as hard as I am in this economy) and she wants us to sell contract phones even if they are already paying say a sprint bill! LoL

The people I work with namely my manager and the other guy who has been there the longest really know their stuff and I have learned more about electronics in 2 months than I did in about 5 years prior to this!

The work environment itself is okay. Outside of a couple store robberies (none violent) and an incident with forged money its pretty good overall. Not the best neighborhood but not the worst either.

Overall I really enjoy my job its not the people in our store it is the people above our manager that really get to me!
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