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From Alpharetta, GA — 12/14/2009

I worked for Radiant for 1.5 years. It was pretty good when the guy who hired me was there, but after that, it's pretty much inevitable. I was pretty green and all my GA Tech alumni co-workers were ahead of me, so I must admit that certainly contributes to my experience there. My co-workers, for the most part, did not consider me on their level. And maybe I wasnít. I remember deciding that it was no longer important to keep coming in, in the morning, saying good morning to folks, because they just ignored me. Some were nice- others not so much. I eventually got laid off- but all the other people in my department got transferred. It was because of a manager who I think was sexist. He loved the ditsy blond who always kissed up to him, but me and another very intelligent female programmer, not so much. Immediately after I turned in my last project, which was heavily (and ridiculously) criticized and critiqued by him, I was told to leave. Immediately. And escorted out by security. Luckily another employee who I had come to know gave me a referral to another company. 6 monthís later he was at my new company looking for a job. Iím a black female (he was a black male) and though some employees were EXTREMELY nice and supportive, some were not. I remember one extremely racist comment and several unwelcoming stares. Of course, other black females and males are still there. You just have to be the right person to work here. Itís very political. You may fit in, you may not. I saw some other white co-workers get fired before me. Good work was not, at least then, a guarantee for employment.
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