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From orlando, florida — 10/17/2010

Ive read through these comments, and thankfully, EFL is not as bad as WFL. Ive worked with the company for two years. Many of their practices I do not necessarily agree with, but I was informed of them all when I interviewed. For starters, no pay raises is ridiculous, though the hiring rate was nothing to complain about. I worked in a restaurant for three years, was promoted twice, received three raises, and still did not make what Racetrac offered for a starting associate. I was offered a manager position upon hire, but since none fit in with my schedule, I did not accept it.
While working as an associate I was under the MOST excellent store manager I have met. He was as hardworking as the rest of us, and as long as your addressed your disagreements with him, to him, in a grown up and respectable way, he addressed them immediately and with good authority. He often dipped into his own wallet to pay for meals as a treat for his employees, gave rides if there were emergencies, and generally was all around very likeable. He has since been promoted to corporate, and I cant say I know anyone who deserves it more. He worked with your schedule, gave you your hours, and did not allow an overflow of employees. (this was before the new "32 Hour or Less Rule")
After he left, the biggest abomination I ever met swooped down on the store. This manager was the loudest, most obnoxious, aggravating, inconsistent woman I have ever met. She showed favoritism to employees who became buddy-buddy with her, and would even turn on them as quickly as anything. She only ever talked about her bonus, and if rewards were given to the store (which was often, as it is a high volume store) she would boast loudly about how SHE earned them and the things SHE was using them for...I accept that fact that they cant really reward everyone with anything more valuable then table coasters (seriously???) but if shes going to profit from the hard work of HER TEAM she should be a little more humble about it.

Thankfully I am out of the store and accepted a promotion, though I cant say I am 100% happy. Inflexible hours are often a pain, and the fact that we cant cash in our Sick Day pay at the end of the year, but are frowned upon if we use them, is pretty crappy. I have not used the other benefits, such as insurance, so I cant really comment on them, though Ive heard from other that its pretty much bare essentials, and sometimes not even that. Having no choice but to work 47 and 1/2 hours a week is often tiring, but again, its guaranteed hours. But god forbid you go over them by even half an hour, I was issued documentation and learned my lesson of trying to help out a new manager. Did they think I WANTED to stay longer??

Even though i am a manager, I still feel for the associates when I see the way Racetrac is treating them. They cut hours left and right and hire more employees to fill the hours, when they have many willing workers ALREADY IN FRONT OF THEM. This is due to a few employees who should of been let go any way, consistently calling out on shifts. The few undependable are no reason to punish the whole company. The sense of teamwork is generally not present, as much as it may be flouted as a core value: my store has several employees from other stores consistently scheduled to allow them to get just under 40 hours a week AS A COURTESY, but no store has returned the favor for our associates.

The one thing that does sound like a shared issue: WHAT THE HECK is with the UPPER MANAGEMENTS spelling???? If you cannot get through a TWO SENTENCE email without FOUR GLARING grammatical errors, I think its time to call it a day. If you have to try to bring your "gansta game" in what should be a professional email, its time to reconsider whats important in life.

Generally, its pays the bills, and I can tolerate, if not at times, enjoy working there. I wouldn't describe myself as a TracFanatic, but it does get me through college.
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