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From ATL — 09/25/2010

I have been with the company for nearly 6 months. I was hired as a store manager for my previous experience. As far as I can tell, your performance is what determines your worth at the company. Granted there are those that make you wonder.... How in God's name were you hired or, how did you get to that position? But name any company in the US that doesn't have that small group... the what are you doing here group. I came from the food industry and let me tell you, I have never been able to spend time with my family as I have now. Are there times when I need to work extra.... yes. Are there times when I may have to work an extra day...... yes. Has it been noticed.... YES. I was hired as a store manager and as such I know sometimes there are sacrafices that need to be made, not for the corporate offices, not for the big boss, not for any extra money.... but for those employees I was hired to lead. I have a good relationship with all my employees, and they have all taken the extra step for me. I enjoy my job and have plans on growing with the company.
I can't complain about it. I mean, how many of you think you deserve a raise? All of you of course but what have you done to earn it? Nothing, you receive no raise so you dont improve performance or provide results. Last I checked and with the previous jobs I've had to provide the performance and show my potential to get that raise. Have they compensated me...... yes.
Racetrac by far is the best company I have worked for to date. And this from someone who has worked for top companies known across the nation and worldwide.
On a scale from 1 to 10 I would have to give them a solid 8. Can they improve.. yes. Can they make it more than just a job... yes. Have I seen them try in my short time with them.... YES!
There is growth available here and it is a good company to work for.
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