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From west florida — 07/24/2010

I've been hearing a lot about this website so I decided to check it out.this is my first time on here and wow!what I've noticed is everyone who is commenting on here is unhappy. Well let's make this simple maybe its you?everyone I've met working throughout the area loves racetrac.I guess if you're a slacker,well you're going to get treated as such. Don't expect the os to pat you on the back for doing your job.its not kindergarten.grow up,do your job and guess what you will get recognized. People get fired because they deserve to. Its not like the os or sm can call someone and say hey I don't like you and let's fire so and so its a process and its a direct reflection of what an employee does-or lack of in most cases. Keep doing what you do racetrac.the peanut gallery will eventually realize some people just don't work as hard as others. Stop whining and do your job.its really not that hard.what's really hard is dealing with trailer park trash employees who sit and comment about how much the bosses suck.look in the mirror,and brush your tooth.
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