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From Cornelia, GA — 06/21/2010

I have been reading a crap load of bad reviews on Race Trac. And i notice that most of them are coming from FL. Now i dont know how it is in FL. but in GA.... working at Race Trac isnt all that bad... if you are the kind of person that doesnt mind doing a lot of work. its not one of those jobs that lets you have a crap load of free time.. like walmart or something. youre always doing something. if its not stocking its cleaning.. if not that then running the cash register.. if not that then sweeping the lot.. or fixing paper jams.. or replacing paper. its just a very busy work environment. if thats not for you then FREAKING QUIT.. dont just complain about it and rate the company based on your lack of work ethic. it is strenuous work and can be tough at times. oh well.. get over it. the Race Trac i work at makes around 70 grand a week. thats not huge.. but it is big. so we are busy... busier than most gas stations around there. the company is great to work for. they treat you well. and you get a raise within a year working there... at least in GA you do. you start at $8.50 and then within a year move to $8.75. thats not too bad.. i have a friend that works at DQ and has been there for 4 years and only makes $7.75. and he's had raises. so when compared to other part time jobs.. wages arent too bad. and yes when you are scheduled to work.. youre expected to. and most of the time they will keep you past your posted time to leave. but they need you there. youre getting paid for it so it shouldnt be a big deal. and the people that have given the company a bad review MUST have bad managers. bc mine.. if i have something to do that day and it was important for me to leave at my scheduled time.. they would understand... its happened. plenty of times. and ive been working there for a while. now i dont know if you could support a family.. certainly not a big one.. but if you are a single.. maybe a spouse or something... its a decent job. it is hard work.. make no mistake. but its a good experience... i guess not in floridas race tracs though. lol
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