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From W-FL — 06/19/2010

for all of you going on here crying about how horrible ur job is grow up you sound like a bunch of lil girls and its so very sad news flash if you dont like the job get a new one cause its not a prison camp so your free to leave and dont let the door hit you where the good lord split you cause I know plenty of hard working employees that will take your hours and if your reply is "I cant find one" then apparently the common denominator is you and ur bad attitude no one said it was gonna be a walk in the park because if that was the case you would have never got the job to begin with no one would ever leave so put on your big boy panties and deal with it but i have to say one thing It has brought My store closer together laughing about the stuff thats said about our old o/s and our new o/s exspecialy since we all know who you are and you wonder why they make your job so miserable but im sure you just gonna keep coming on here crying so I look forward to laughing at you somemore
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