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From Norwalk,Ohio — 01/01/2010

R&L has undergone significant changes in the last few years and in my opinion and the opinion of most of my co-workers these changes have effected the drivers negatively. capped so you can spend 20 years working at the same rate after you reach your cap that is if you are lucky enough to retain your job and it is not given to the newbies that continue to be hired at lower rates.
The economy has not just effected companies but has delivered a huge blow to the employees. Annual raises were not given, 401-K not matched , personal days taken away, no longer have holiday party which was replaced by drawings which were also taken away, insurance rates increased,safety bonuses given at Christmas to give the false illusion that you are getting a bonus when in essence drivers put their lifes at risk daily and avoid accidents which saves the company millions annually. Vacations are capped at four weeks and are difficult to get unless you have seniority. Your home life is effected daily waiting for a phone call to come in at noon after getting up at 5 or 6 to go in at your scheduled times. Millions are spent on marketing ie: hats , toys ,sponsorships etc. when the best marketing tool there is should be your employees but with the treatment you are showing them you are creating poor moral , increased unnecessary stress, and a negative reputation. Not to mention the increased risk of sending drivers on the road being distracted with undue worries. The company continues to grow at the expense of loyal employees many who have dedicated their lifes to be safe ,productive workers . It is a daily worry if you will have a job tomorrow which is due to incompetencies and poor decisions at the management level not the good service the employees are delivering! These employees have helped get R&L to get to where it is today and they can also be contributing factors to the demise of the company. It would be interesting to see the cuts made at the top ,cutting one person making 6 figures a year would far surpass cheating drivers out of a hour pay daily. I have personally heard it said the top dog started at the bottom and would not forget where he came from. I think actions speak louder then words . I wonder if he is still making what he did 15 years ago , does he worry if he will be called in late everyday and have to worry if that shortage of hours and money in his paycheck will leave enough money to pay his mortgage. feed his family or put gas in his vehicle . How many vacation days /sick days are you taking. To the owners /management it is time to wake up and smell the coffee and take care of those that have made your company what it is today. If you continue with your current tactics you to will become a statistic just like Yellow .
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