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From lakeland fl — 04/19/2009

I worked on the docks for 10 years. The pay was great for what I did. There were times that I would sweat, but for the most it was fun. I lived only 3 miles from work, so that kept me coming back, and the health benifits were unmatched by any other. $20 a week covered my whole family. the TM was always nice to me, even if I was at fault. The only problem I had was the night manager. He made alot of mistakes, and would try to hide it with smooth talking excuses. The problem was, he would tell you that HE would "take care of it", then tell the TM that it was the other employees fault, and then laugh about how silly they were and that they should be forgiven for their mistakes. What a nice guy. The teminal itself was dusty and you would come home at night with a film of gray dirt all over any exposed skin that had to be scubbed off. I don't know if this is normal or not, but figure that given that it is a fright dock, I always thought so. The machines that we used were nothing more then 6000 lbs of fast moving race lifts. they have about 40 or so all moving at once at 12-13 mph. I used a GPS outside once to test the speed. They are hysters. with a propane powered four cylinder under you butt. they really move. They care about moving frt. fast, not safe. It may sound bad, but it is what made the job so much fun. I managed to work without an getting hurt for ten yrs, but I have seen some not so smart drivers take a nose dive off the dock or turn a lift over on its side. not a pretty thing. all in all i liked working for R and L and would say that it is a good job
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