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From Seattle, WA — 09/13/2008

I came to this company thinking that because they wern't as big as say Verizon or Cingular that I would probably make less money. The stress of working for VZW was horrible and I made a smart choice. Qwest had so many great incentives and I made the most money ever working for this company. month after month I had sales comissions of 2k and thats on top of my $1500 base pay i made. I received about an extra $1500 in bonuses and gift cards from winning sales contests and when I left the company after 2 years I had a great amount of pension saved up that a graciously rolled over into my 401k.

I was not part of the winners circle but i sure felt appreciated when they flew me to denver for a sales reward ceremony called BRAVO! club. it was a lot of fun. Some of the employees were less than acceptable but i just ignored them and wraked in the money each month. My only complaint is that I was forced to work overtime and i was feeling burnt out all the time. My store manager decided to take a month vacation right at the hight of the retail season and left the rest of us to work 50 hour work weeks because we were missing an employee who was fired from drug use. Not pleasing.

I don't feel the company respected my personal time but they did compensate me well which was more important to me.

if you have half a brain and are responsible this company pays well!
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