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From Littleton, CO — 02/20/2008

I love working at Qwest, our coaches are amazing, the benefits don't even compare to any other company. I love giving our customers our promise of value, here in Littleton we stand by that promise that's why we are the #1. I used to work for the cable company and we had to charge the customer full price unless they asked for a deal, here at Qwest I am able to give every customer the best deal we have and that makes me very proud to be working for Qwest. If your negative about your job all you'll get out of it is negativity, If you go to work everyday with positive energy and a smile on your face it will rub off on your co-workers and your customers. So all you employees out there in a bad mood, change your attitude or just change your job because we don't need people with bad attitudes bringing down our company.
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