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From NYC, NY — 08/20/2010

I've worked at Quinn Fable twice (yup, 2x) and I LUV this agency. They have a great creative energy and let everyone explore their inner-most abilities. The creative guidance is just strong enough to ignite brilliant thinking and everyone is dedicated. The owners give employees alot. They have profit sharing (that's totally funded without me having to pay anything )and big bonuses. (I've been shocked by their generosity.) The best thing is the respect that everyone has for each other. There's a great vibe and a productive environment. My best work was done at Quinn Fable. I loved every minute of working there and miss it. I'll be back when my kids grow up! Until then, I know they'll continue to thrive and do amazing things. They Rock. (And i think K.F. is not mean at all. She totally cares about evryone and proves it every day.)
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