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From Maitland / Orlando, FL — 01/30/2010

Here is the deal they hire you giving the impression your some kind of account manager when you are in fact nothing more than a glorified telemarketer and lead filter. The company was founded in 1956 and is run like it's 1957 and they just found out there is this great thing called the internet and it's gonna revolutionize the world. Trouble is they are looking for accounts where the buyers have the same beliefs and they are too stupid to know what is a good deal. They'll give you a good deal 1 time a year and reward your loyalty as a customer with higher prices. If you only do business with them 1 time a year when they are begging for your business you'll get a good deal. Otherwise, get yourself a BJs card or equivalent and use coupons and you'll save way more and get more. If you wouldn't be a customer why would you work there? The managers are typical corporate drones in meetings all the time never spending quality time with you occasionally having group meetings to deconstruct your shortcomings and reprogram you to do it the "Quill way". The lead system is worse than the yellow pages bad #s, wrong business names, businesses that are already their own customers when your job is to gain new account, businesses that are Staples customers with freaking national sales contract accounts ( Staples is the parent company of Quill ) you would think they'd be able to at the very least spend some serious money in database administration to make sure the leads you call are decent targets. But, no its obviously more cost effective to have 200+ telemarketers weed through all their leads and find the ones willing to talk about maybe shopping with the company and pay you from $25-30K base + $500 - $1,500 a month in commission. I think Staples bought this company back in 1998 simply because they did have a lot of accounts at the time which were loyal and Staples had a TON of Cash to throw around and nobody was really sure what direction the internet was gonna go at the time and Quill was a real down home so if things went haywire they'd have a strong back up outlet. Thing is the retail Staples stores are ridiculously expensive to operate but provide a footprint in a local community. Whereby, the Quill model never had a local footprint but projected a local flavor from it's modest origins in the back room of a poultry farm. If you need a job and they will hire you take it and never stop looking for another one. I knew it was crap when the VP of the entire company said he'd been with the company 13+ years and it felt like it was 2 weeks. Either he's coke'd up all the time or he's lying and I guarantee they do not pay him enough to be coke'd all the time.
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