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From Catoosa, Oklahoma — 07/23/2010

I read all the reviews, and must say I am disappointed with the Tulsa division. Sadly making us all look like lazy whiners. This job is a bit taxing, I will agree, cause there is "a lot" to tend to(Cust. Service, stocking, upkeeps, etc. etc.) But at the same time you are never bored and always busy making your days fly by.

As for promotions... To get promoted you will have to meet three areas just as you would any any other job. Work ethics, determination, and attitude.

I have chose to work 60+ hours a week, I even look for picking up shifts others do not want. There is money out there, but yes, you will have to get stop being lazy and bust your ass to get it.

Alls I got to say for the complaints is simply, "If you don't like it, gtfo, so we can hire people that actually want to work.

For those complaining about not enough time with family due to the company.. Why are you sitting on your ass at your computer complaining about the company VS. spending the time with them?

Food for thought: Lets say theoretically, you started up a business you hired 5 people. 1 manager, 4 employees. Manager moves to your second store you just opened up, so its between clerks 1 and 2. clerk 2 gets it and clerk 1 complains and cries, would you ever want to promote clerk number 1 in the future?

All in all, for those who are looking at this smut to see about what the company is like and what it can do for you..Its a great company to work for, and yes they will take care of you, but you better belive you will take care of it as well. No one likes a slacker.
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