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From Atlanta, GA — 02/25/2010

I have read alot of the reviews. I didnt see one for the Atlanta Division. Every division is alittle different. I can only say i have seen alittle bit of everything thats been said. I would say that none of this is as wide spread like it may sound from some of the post ( atleast not in the ATL). QT is not for everyone. Its a great company to work for, but there right about some of the gossip. It is apart of our underline culture. All of the things stated in other posts happen in all work fields. Its alot of hard work. Its a mixed bag. Its a job that you have to truly understand the culture and rules (written and not) to be successful. You have to be able to go in there and get it done. You have to balane customer service with operations. If you cant do that you are going to run into alot of difficulty. You have to be a fast learner with an ability to take alot of crap from customers and sometimes coworkers and still keep things moving forward. I like QT and plan on staying along time. QT is not for everyone.
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