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From Wichta KS — 02/15/2010

I have worked for QT for four years now and must say that it is a great company. I started as an RA and am now about to interview for a 1A position. I was told that in my division that openings do not come very often because it is a small division but i have managed to get to where I am in four years. I deserve it as well. I work hard and I am recongized and payed for it. The people that complain are also the ones that are lazy and think that they shouldnt have to work hard for it. I don't know about everything that goes on in other divisions but it sounds nothing like the QT i know. I never had to kiss up or be anybodys lapdog in order to move up. I think people forget that this is a business and that thinks have to change for this company to stay on top. If you hate your job by all means quit, make room for others that want the position you are in. If not, then stop cryn and make somthin happen for yourself. Not everyone can move up the ladder as fast as they would like thats why you need to make yourself be seen.
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