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From valley park mo — 06/23/2009

Not a bad place to work location perfect. Envirement is dirty and dusty but they are doing improvements on it everyday.Pay is not bad for what we do plus you do get bounus when working on the line's. They give us a summer picnic and a christmas party which is nice we also get a turkey and a ham for the holiday's.A lot of the employees don't participate because we either dont like the location and they wont buy alcahol which i'm glad they don't.The only downfall about my job here is we have a lot of people here who dont like to show up to work everyday it's the same people week after week so that make's the job harder on us all. Ithink once that problem is solved it wouldn't be a bad place to work for. We belong to a union which is nice we get a raise once a year,but there are a lot of union brother's who try to take advantage of it when not calling in or showing up for work.Management people are all nice they try to help us out with our problems when we give them a chance'you give them respect and they will give respect back.
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