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From glendale,AZ — 09/08/2010

"Ever since i have started this job it has been great. I have only been in for sometime now i think as though its not so bad. I wonder has anyone else worked out in the sun all day sweating to death. Think about it you are inside for what 7 hours on a 8 hour shift. Who can beat that? How dare anyone sit here and talk about it like it a prison. QT is not for everyone. You should know that by now. You dont have to suck up to get promotions its all about the heart and drive you have. When you want to whine and cry like a child quit. You have a choice just the same. There is potential everywhere you go in the company. Sure the job is demanding go find one that isn't go ahead ill wait. Ill probably waiting my entire life because there is not a job out there that is you sit around and hang out and they pay you. I have another question why would you have to sit on here and talk shit? Why not go ahead and protest if its not fair at all? Are you scared?
obviously not scared enough to be talking like that. It sounds like you are biting the hand that feeds you on this one guys."
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