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From Wichita,KS — 08/24/2010

Im a clerk who gets paid only 7.75 a hour. that isnt alot when you live on your own. Paying all your bills gets kinda difficult when you may only get like 30 so hours in the summer and in the winter it drops majorly like 20-28. i cant live off that, i pick up as many shifts as possible so i can make decent money. you get a bonus every six months you work there and the longer you work there it gets bigger. but i dont need the money then i need it now. they say it makes up for the only 775 but really. if i want to have a life i would gladly give up the bonus for a higher pay. i do love my job and thats the reason i stay. but i dont like the pay for clerks, if your a manager well heck yes you get treated very well and they know it. but there are so many clerks who are going to school work and may even have a family and it is very hard to wait for the bonus when you are wondering how you are going to pay the next bill.
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